Be safe on foot

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Six out of 10 children killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads in 2008 were on foot.

Walking is good for fitness and building confidence, and encouraging children to walk to school is a good idea, but it's important that children and teenagers cross the road safely.

The risk of a child pedestrian being involved in a road accident rises when they start school and then rises again at the start of secondary school.

Parents can help their children learn how to stay safe while on foot. There are also independent sources of information for children and teenagers.

Campaigns such as the Green Cross Code and regional Be Safe Be Seen activities help children to follow safety guidelines.

The Department for Transport's Think! website offers advice about road safety and the Tales of the Road campaign, which uses animated characters, tells a series of cautionary tales each focusing on a different aspect of road safety.

It is particularly important that children follow the rules in the Green Cross Code because research shows that young children can't judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are.

Green Cross Code

Find a safe place to cross

Stop just before you get to the kerb

Look all around for traffic and listen

If traffic is coming, let it pass

When it’s safe, go straight across the road

Advice for teenagers

Research has found that teenagers are easily distracted on the roads, especially when they’re in small groups of friends.

The following distractions are major causes of accidents among teenage pedestrians:

Crossing tips for teens


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