What do you think marks Creamfields, out as different from all the rest?

The line up and the atmosphere. Creamfields is always a great festival and it's one of the highlights of the year!

What has 2008 got in store for you?

I'm about to release my new "In Search of Sunrise" 7 mix compilation. Besides that I have my residence at Privilege in Ibiza every Monday this summer. I also will be doing a big "In Search of Sunrise" party at the O2 arena, London on the 8th of August and the 9th August in the Royal Highland Centre in Scotland.

Are you working in the studio in the moment? If so tell us about any forthcoming releases?

I am just experimenting at the moment, so nothing really serious. After this summer I'll be back in the studio.

What are your top 3 festival essentials?

Haha, I really don't know. I always have my "AAA" pass on me so I can get whatever I need!

What advice would you have for anyone starting out?

DJ wherever and whenever you can. Even the smallest bars and clubs and start producing your own tracks.

If you weren't a DJ what would you be doing?

I would work for a record company or a dance magazine. Anything that has to do with music.

The scene has changed over the years, in what ways do you see the differences?

It almost feels like we're back to basics. Tracks produced nowadays could have been produced 10 years ago as well. You don't hear much difference and people don't seem to care, so that means the vibe at parties and festivals is great again.

Some people get a buzz out of the audience dancing or clapping along to their set, what gives you your buzz when you perform?

If they scream after I mixed in a great track, that's the rush!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at this years Creamfields ? And can you give us your top tips on who you think is going to be hot at this year's festival?

Too many DJ's actually, James Zabiela for learning some mixing tricks and Eddie Halliwell because he's my favourite!

Will you be dropping any surprises in your set this year?

Of course!!

After a decade of Creamfields, what are your memories of the festival?

Seeing underworld live the first time. That was really amazing for me.

Do you find there is a difference when performing in front of a northern crowd?

Hmmm, back in the days for sure but nowadays I feel the same when I play in London.

What's the best thing about festivals?

The diversity of the line up. You can check so many things out!

Whats the worst thing about festivals?

You can't see it all!

If you could become a festival promoter for the day, which artists either past or present would be in your dream-line-up?

Elvis live performing on electronic beats.

Do you have any plans to play new material at Creamfields or is that under-wraps until Showtime begins?

I will definitely play some unreleased stuff!

Sum up Creamfields in 5 words?